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WhyWaitt TakeAway

Discover the Takeaway Order App from WhyWaitt


With the WhyWaitt takeaway order app you can process orders quickly and easily


Customers can have orders delivered quickly and easily.


Both customers and business manager receive confirmation emails of orders.

Takeaway with ease

The WhyWaitt takeaway module takes your catering business to a new level. Customers can easily consult your digital takeaway menu via a modern QR code or a button on your website and Facebook page. Within this digital takeaway menu, customers can easily place orders for pick-up or delivery.

Takeaway orders end up in your cash register and on your tablet. You can easily manage orders via a tablet or laptop. The management of products is also possible. You can make products available or unavailable quickly and easily.

With WhyWaitt, takeaway is a convenience!

Fast delivery with WhyWaitt

With the WhyWaitt takeaway module, customers can also opt for a delivery.

Deliveries can optionally be enabled or disabled. Setting minimum order amounts or delivery costs is done in no time. We will also not charge commissions on your orders.

Delivering with WhyWaitt is fast and cheap!

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Discover the functionalities

Time slots

The time slots for the WhyWaitt takeaway order app can be set dynamically. You can choose an interval and the number of maximum orders per interval.

Available anywhere, anytime

To use the WhyWaitt takeaway order app, customers do not need to download an app. They can reach your digital takeaway menu by scanning a QR code or clicking on a link linked to your Facebook/Website.


Both the customer and the catering business will receive an email. It is also possible to propose a different collection date or time to the customer.


You can easily adjust the opening hours of your business. You can also set the hours between which an order can be placed, so you can prevent customers from ordering just before closing time.

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